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Dr Sushma Peruri
Speciality MBBS, M.S. FISCP | General, Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgeon

Dr Sushma Peruri

MBBS, M.S. FISCP | General, Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgeon

Dr. Sushma Peruri is a Specialist Lady Doctor For Piles, Fissure and Fistula (Consultant general & colorectal surgeon) with good experience in field of proctology. She is one of few lady surgeons to receive fellowship from international society of Coloproctology.

She is specialized in treating benign ano rectal conditions like Anal Fissure, Anal Fistulas, Haemorrhoids, Pilonidal Sinus,Anal Incontinence, Anal Stenosis, Perianal Abscess, Chronic Constipation using latest technologies.

She has good experience in minimally invasive procedures in proctology like laser sphincterotomy, Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty, stapled hemorrhoidopexy, Fistulectomy, Sphincter repair, VAAFT & Sphincter saving procedures, sphincteroplasty for anal incontinence. She is also trained in endoanal scans and anal manometry which help diagnosing benign proctological conditions.