Anal FISSURE Surgery Myths and Facts

Very Painful Surgery

Latest advances like Laser & RFA have curtailed pain in fissure surgery and patient is discharged with in few hours after surgery.

I will be incontinent after surgery

No, only one of the 2 sphincters i.e internal anal sphinter is partially cut to relieve your symptoms. External anal sphincter which is responsible for most of your continence is not damaged during the surgery.

Anal fissure recurs after surgery?

Surgery is more effective way to treat anal fissure and adequately performed internal anal sphincterotomy , will cure 96% to 100% of the patients. Only 1% to 5% of patients may recur after hard bowel moment.

Anal Fissure Leads to Cancer?

Anal fissure does not lead to cancer. But cancer may present with similar symptoms, hence persistent symptoms will need careful evaluation with additional tests like colonoscopy  

Myths Facts
Surgery is always necessary for anal fissures. In many cases, anal fissures can be treated with non-surgical methods such as dietary changes, stool softeners, and topical creams. Surgery is usually only recommended for cases that do not respond to these non-surgical treatments.


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