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Day Care General Surgery

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Daycare General Surgery

Daycare General Surgery (Ambulatory Surgery)

Daycare surgery is a concept of healthcare delivery system where the patients gets operated and discharged on the same day without overnight hospital stay.

The advantages of outpatient surgery over inpatient surgery is cost effective and include greater convenience to the patients. Postoperative pain or infection and complication rates are lower after ambulatory surgery than inpatient surgery.

There are many general surgical diseases which can be operated on daycare basis without need of staying in hospital overnight.

There are many advantages to a Daycare admission :-
  1. Daycare General Surgical operations are done by minimally invasive techniques.
  2. Patient need not have to stay overnight in the hospital. After the operation is done in morning, patient are kept for few hours in the recovery room followed by discharge on the same evening itself.
  3. It reduces risk of cross-infection or hospital acquired infection.
  4. Patient can resume to his/her routine activities early.
Following are the General Surgical operations which can be done as a Daycare procedure :
  1. Hydrocele Operation (Hydrocelectomy)
  2. Umbilectomy (Adenoma/Pilonidal sinus of Umbilicus)
  3. Circumcision for adults and children
  4. Cervical Lymph node Biopsy
  5. Fibroadenoma of Breast (Excisional Biopsy)
  6. Microdochectomy (Duct Ectasia)
  7. Subcutaneous Lipoma Excision
  8. Sebaceous / Dermoid Cyst Excision
  9. Ingrowing Great Toe nail removal
  10. Paronychia pus drainage (infection around the nail)
  11. Corn Excision from sole of foot
  12. Varicocele operation (subinguinal varicocelectomy)
  13. Ear Lobe repair in females
  14. Scar removal – Keloid/Scar hyperthrophy
Instruction for the patients for daycare surgery :
  1. Kindly keep all your valuables at home (including jewellery and keys).
  2. Take a shower or bath before you come to the hospital.
  3. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  4. Remove all make-up and nail polish (for ladies)
  5. A family member, relative or friend must be available to take you home after your procedure.
Contraindication for Day Care Surgery:
  1. Medically unfit for discharge on the same day
  2. Mental retardation / psychologically unstable
  3. Highly infectious disease
  4. Upper respiratory tract infection
  5. Requiring extensive post-operative monitoring
  6. Long distance from home
  7. Polytrauma injuries
  8. High fever