Breast Galactocele Treatment

What is Breast Galactocele?

Galactocele is a rare benign retention cyst of the breast, typically occurring in pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers. It is defined as a milk-filled cyst. While galactocele is typically a harmless condition, it can occasionally prolapse and become a medical emergency. If you think you may have galactocele, see your doctor for an evaluation.

Some of the factors that can predispose a woman to galactocele formation are:

  •  Difficulty in breastfeeding 
  •  Lack of Breastfeeding
  • OCP Usage
  • Male Baby
  •  Duct Obstruction
  • Trauma
  • Breast Augmentation

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Signs and symptoms of Galactocele

Breast Cancer Awareness
  •  Lump in breast
  •  Pain and fever if infected

Complications of Galactocele

  • Infected Galactocele
  • Chronic Galactocele
  • Milk Fistula

Galactocele Treatment Options


Medication is the most common treatment for galactoceles, as it is most effective in cases where it is post-traumatic and post-breast augmentation.

Ultrasound-guided aspiration

If the galactocele is Uncomplicated, then aspiration using ultrasound-guided methods is preferable.

Surgical Excision

The surgical excision method is the best approach for treating complicated galactoceles (infections, chronic).

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The fact that galactocele is usually caught at a very early stage makes it one of the most treatable conditions for women. Though there are some rare exceptions where not just the symptoms, but even advanced cases may lead to severe health issues, we suggest you consult a Female Breast Surgeon from Maven Medical Center in case something like this happens with you.

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