Benefits of Compression Stockings in Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are not only unattractive but also downright painful most of the times. Venous insufficiency is an underlying condition causing varicose veins. The veins in the lower leg become enlarged and damaged causing the blood in them to reflux back into the vessel rather than moving up in a single direction towards the heart.

Compression stockings are sock like garments that offer gradient pressure to facilitate healthy blood flow in leg veins. They are tighter around the foot and the compression gets loosened as they move up the legs. They are designed to help let veins push blood back up to the heart.

There are several benefits of using compression stockings in varicose veins. Compression stockings help to reduce swelling and promote healing. They also improve blood flow and circulation, which can help to reduce the inflammation and pain associated with varicose veins. Finally, compression stockings can help to reduce the appearance of varicose veins, which can give you a more confident appearance.

Benefits of compression stockings:-

  • They relieve symptoms of pain and swelling caused by varicose veins.
  • They support blood flow and decrease pressure in the veins.
  • They prevent worsening of varicose veins over time.
  • Compression is necessary after procedures like EVLA and Foam Sclerotherapy to stimulate blood flow and ensure best results.

However, venous insufficiency causes permanent damage to the vein which cannot be reversed by wearing compression stockings. Hence, better treatment options would be EVLA or MWA which can treat varicose veins more effectively.

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Microwave Ablation for Varicose Veins

Microwave Ablation for Varicose Veins

If you’re like most people, you’re probably familiar with varicose veins. These unsightly, swollen veins can cause a lot of discomfort and can even lead to leg pain. If you’re looking for an effective way to treat varicose veins, you might be interested in using microwave ablation. This treatment uses heat to destroy the vein, and it has been shown to be an effective way to treat varicose veins. Here are some more details about microwave ablation and how it can help you treat your varicose veins.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose Veins are tortuous and enlarged veins, commonly presenting in the legs. Sedentary lifestyle and prolonged standing or sitting can contribute to the occurrence of varicose veins due to increase in the venous pressure in legs. Superficial veins (veins closest to the skin) are the most commonly affected veins in the legs. Varicose veins are a chronic and progressive disorder.

What are the symptoms of varicose veins?

•             Heavy feeling in legs

•             Muscle cramps in lower limbs.

•             Worsening of pain after prolonged sitting or standing.

•             Swelling in legs

•             Itching

•             Skin discoloration

What are the treatment options?

•             Radio frequency ablation (RFA)

•             Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA)

•             Microwave ablation (MWA)

•             Open surgery (old method)

EVLA, RFA, and MWA are Endovenous procedures (carried out inside the vein) that utilize heat energy produced by LASER, radio waves, and microwaves respectively. They differ in terms of temperatures required to produce heat for the closure of the affected veins. Microwave ablation (MWA) is the newer modality of treatment among them.

Endovenous microwave ablation technique

What is Endovenous microwave ablation technique?

Endovenous microwave ablation technique is now considered as the new gold standard for the treatment of varicose veins in legs. It uses heat energy generated by using microwaves (temp- 80-100°C) for the closure of refluxing veins. It is as effective as EVLA and RFA.


•             It is a minimally invasive procedure.

•             Shorter procedure time.

•             No hospital Stay

•             Fewer chances of vein wall damage.

•             Very Less Ecchymosis.

•             Very Low complication rate.

•             Very Low risk of recurrence.

ECO 100E2 Microwave Ablation Machine

With the advent of microwave ablation technology, many doctors across the world have started using this procedure to treat a variety of conditions. Maven Medical Center is the first center in the whole of the country to introduce the ECO 100E2 Microwave Ablation Machine, which can be used for both Microwave Ablation of Varicose Veins and Tumor Ablation of Thyroid, Breast, Liver, Lung, Kidney and bone etc. If you are suffering from any one of these conditions and are looking for a non-surgical treatment option, make an appointment with one of Maven Medical Center’s Specialist Doctors today!

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5 Tips to cure constipation during pregnancy and postpartum

  1. Consuming diet rich in fiber by eating foods that are natural laxatives
  2. Drink lot of water as excessive water is absorbed from colon to produce breast milk.
  3. Increase physical activity as work out stimulates our bowel movements
  4. Improving Posture – Squatting is more effective way to defecate as ano rectal angle is straightened. Lifting your feet to raise knees above pelvis while sitting also helps.
  5. Do not ignore urge to defecate as delay may lead to excessive water absorption and harder stools.
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Anal FISSURE Surgery Myths and Facts

Very Painful Surgery

Latest advances like Laser & RFA have curtailed pain in fissure surgery and patient is discharged with in few hours after surgery.

I will be incontinent after surgery

No, only one of the 2 sphincters i.e internal anal sphinter is partially cut to relieve your symptoms. External anal sphincter which is responsible for most of your continence is not damaged during the surgery.

Anal fissure recurs after surgery?

Surgery is more effective way to treat anal fissure and adequately performed internal anal sphincterotomy , will cure 96% to 100% of the patients. Only 1% to 5% of patients may recur after hard bowel moment.

Anal Fissure Leads to Cancer?

Anal fissure does not lead to cancer. But cancer may present with similar symptoms, hence persistent symptoms will need careful evaluation with additional tests like colonoscopy  

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విజయవాడ లో వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్ కి అత్యాధునిక చికిత్స | Varicose Veins Treatment in Vijayawada

ప్రముక ఇంటర్వెన్షనల్ రేడియాలజిస్ట్ మేవెన్ మెడికల్ సెంటర్ డైరెక్టర్ డాక్టర్ బాలాజీ పటేల్ కోల విజయవాడలో యపిల్ హెల్త్ కేర్ సెంటర్ నందు కాళ్ళ నరాలవాపు ( వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్) కు సంబంధించి ఈ నెల 20,21 తేదీల్లో సేవలు అందించనున్నట్టు తెలిపారు.

కాళ్ళలోని సిరలు (వాడుక భాషలో నరాలు) వాచి అసాధారణంగా ఉబ్బిపోవడాన్ని వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్ అంటారు. ఈ వ్యాధి 30-70 ఏళ్ళ వయసు వారిలో ఎక్కువగా కనపడుతుంది. భారతదేశంలో 30 శాతం మంది ఈ సాధారణ సమస్యతో బాధపడుతున్నారని, మహిళల్లో ఎక్కువగా ఈ సమస్య ఏర్పడే అవకాశం ఉంది  అని అన్నారు.

వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్ రోగ లక్షణాలు

కాళ్ళలో నొప్పి,కాళ్ళు బరువెక్కిన భావన, కా ళ్ళల్లో మంట కండరాలు బిగుసుకుపోవడం,ఎక్కువసేపు కూర్చున్నా,నిలబడినా నొప్పి మరింత తీవ్రతరమవుతుంది.

ఏదైనా సిర లేదా సిరల చుట్టూ దురర పుట్టి చర్మపు రంగు మారి పుండ్లు ఏర్పడతాయి. వ్యాధి తీవ్రతకు అవి సంకేతాలు. ఆస్థితి లో వైద్యుల సలహా తీసుకోవడం తక్షణ అవసరం.

వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్ ప్రోగ్రసివ్ మరియు ఇర్రీవర్సబుల్ వ్యాధి కాబట్టి దానికి మందుల ద్వారా చికిత్స లేదు.

మేవెన్ మెడికల్ సెంటర్ లో గత 11 సంవత్సరాలుగా వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్ కు అద్భుతమైన చికిత్స అందించబదుతుంది,సుమారు 10 వేలకు పైగా వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్ బాధితులకు చికిత్సను అందించటం జరిగింది. 97%-98% సక్సస్ రేట్ మేవెన్ ప్రత్యేకత.

భారతదేశం లోనే మొట్టమెదటి సారిగా లేటెస్టు మైక్రోవేవ్ అబ్లేషన్ ని పరిచయం చేసిన ఘనత మేవెన్ మెడికల్ సెంటర్ దే.

వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్ చికత్స కి అత్యాధునిక అన్ని రకాల పరికరాలు కలిగిఉన్నా ఏకైక సెంటర్ మేవెన్ మెడికల్ సెంటర్.

  • ఎండోవీనస్ లేజర్ అబ్లేషన్
  • రేడియో ఫ్రీక్వేన్సీ అబ్లేషన్
  • మైక్రోవేవ్ అబ్లేషన్
  • మోకా
  • సూపర్ గ్లూ
  • ఫోం స్కీలోథెరపీ అన్ని ఆధునిక చికిత్స విధానాలు అందుబాటులో ఉన్నాయి.

వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్ ప్రారంభ దశలోనే తగిన చికిత పొందితే త్వరితగతిన నివారణ అవుతుందని, ప్రారంభంలో  దీన్ని ఒక కాస్మోటిక్ సమస్యగా పరిగణించి,తరువాత మాత్రం నొప్పి, పుండ్లు రావడం వల్ల భయపడతారని,ఆధునిక విధానం ద్వారా తాము అందిస్తున్న చికిత్స వల్ల ఎటువంటి భయానికి లోను కాకుండానే వేరికోస్ వెయిన్స్ సమస్యను పరిష్కరించుకోవచ్చని పేర్కొన్నారు.  ఒక సన్న సూది ద్వారా మొత్తం ప్రొసీజర్ చేయబడుతుంది. ఎటువంటి కోతలు మరియు కుట్లు అవసరం లేకుండా ఒక్క రోజులోనే చికిత్స చేయబడుతుంది, హాస్పిటల్ లో అడ్మిషన్ కూడా అవసరం లేదు అని తెలియజేసారు. ఈ రేండురోజుల పాటు అందించే సేవలను వినియోగించు కోవాలని, మరిన్ని వివరాలకు 812180040, 8121200400 నంబర్లలో సంప్రదించాలని డాక్టర్ బాలాజీ పటేల్  కోరారు.

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What is Foam Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins?

What are the Varicose Veins?

Veins are the blood carrying channels which carry impure blood from the limbs towards the heart and lungs. These veins have unidirectional valves which help in carrying the blood towards the heart and lungs. Failure or weakening of these valves will result in reversal of blood flow into the limb veins. There are two types of veins in the limbs, superficial veins which are situated underneath the skin and deep veins which are situated within the muscles. Superficial venous system  of the lower limbs fail to function most commonly in patients who stand or sit for long hours and patients who are obese,this will lead to reversal of blood flow back into these superficial  veins and result in varicose veins. Reflux into the main trunk of superficial venous system called Great Sephanous Vein (GSV) and Small Sephanous Vein (SSV) lead to its dilatation and pooling of impure blood in the legs and over a period of time multiple small tributaries joining GSV and SSV open up resulting in visible superficial varicosities.

What is Foam Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins?

Foam sclerotherapy is one of the daycare procedures which can be done in a OP setting to treat superficial varicosities or reticular veins  located just underneath the skin where interventional radiologist under all aseptic precautions will inject a solution called sclerosant  (sodium tetradecyl sulphate) and polydoconol mixed with room air to make it into a foam. The vein to be treated is identified using ultrasound and a butterfly needle is placed into the vein under ultrasound guidance through which sclerosant is injected into the varicose veins. This sclerosant scars the superficial varicosities and causes it to collapse over a period of time.

Why is it injected in the foam form?

Sclerosant is normally in a fluid form, it is mixed with room air to make it into a foam which has a consistency of shaving foam, and it is visible via ultrasound and can be easily tracked and guided to the source of the problematic vein. The sclerosing foam becomes less diluted than liquid when injected into the vein, allowing the solution to come into contact with the entire vein wall. As a result, less solution can be used to achieve an optimal result. The medicine causes the problematic vein to shrink up or sclerose

Is Foam sclerotherapy a painful procedure?

Foam sclerotherapy is done using a small butterfly needle which is of 22-23 G .When sclerosant is injected into the veins,there will be very minimal burning pain which lasts for a few seconds depending on the patients pain threshold.

At Maven Medical Center we have multiple treatment options for Varicose Veins Treatment including EVLT,RFA,MWA,Venaseal and MOCA.

We are the first center to introduce Microwave Ablation in India for the treatment of varicose veins and tumors.

Dr Rajesh Kumar Enagala ,
Interventional Radiologist, Maven Medical Center

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Varicose Veins in Pregnant Women

Some women develop swollen, bulging Veins at various places in the body, most commonly in Legs usually during late Pregnancy. These bumps may cause throbbing pain, cramps and swelling of the Leg, that becomes worse later in the day after standing for longer hours.

During pregnancy, the body produces more blood than usual. The growing Fetus and Uterus press on the veins returning blood from the legs to heart, leading to pooling of blood in the Veins. Hormonal changes like increased levels of Progesterone, which is essential in maintaining a healthy Pregnancy, relaxes the veins and dilates them. The extra weight put on during Pregnancy puts added pressure on the Veins.

In some women, the symptoms are mild which improve 3-6 months after giving birth, while the others may develop severe pain, skin pigmentation, ulcers and bleeding varices requiring urgent medical care.

Prevention is always better than cure. The same is true for varicose veins where preventive measures are the best treatment options during Pregnancy. Avoiding sitting/standing for prolonged hours in the same posture, elevating your legs at regular intervals, maintaining a healthy weight, wearing Compression stockings can improve your circulation and relieve your symptoms and reduce the risk of developing Varicose veins.

In addition to these measures, a timely consultation with a Varicose Veins Specialist is the most effective way of preventing complications.

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