Varicose Veins in Pregnant Women

Some women develop swollen, bulging Veins at various places in the body, most commonly in Legs usually during late Pregnancy. These bumps may cause throbbing pain, cramps and swelling of the Leg, that becomes worse later in the day after standing for longer hours.

During pregnancy, the body produces more blood than usual. The growing Fetus and Uterus press on the veins returning blood from the legs to heart, leading to pooling of blood in the Veins. Hormonal changes like increased levels of Progesterone, which is essential in maintaining a healthy Pregnancy, relaxes the veins and dilates them. The extra weight put on during Pregnancy puts added pressure on the Veins.

In some women, the symptoms are mild which improve 3-6 months after giving birth, while the others may develop severe pain, skin pigmentation, ulcers and bleeding varices requiring urgent medical care.

Prevention is always better than cure. The same is true for varicose veins where preventive measures are the best treatment options during Pregnancy. Avoiding sitting/standing for prolonged hours in the same posture, elevating your legs at regular intervals, maintaining a healthy weight, wearing Compression stockings can improve your circulation and relieve your symptoms and reduce the risk of developing Varicose veins.

In addition to these measures, a timely consultation with a Varicose Veins Specialist is the most effective way of preventing complications.

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What is Piles?

What is Piles?

Piles also called Hemorrhoids refer to swollen veins around or within the anus that are common in both young and old people.

How to lower your risk?


  • Straining while passing stool
  • Processed meat
  • Lifting heavy weights often


  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Grains, Legumes and beans
  • 6-8 Glasses of water/day

How to check for Piles?

Consult your doctor if you experience any of these sings.

  • Bleeding from the anus with/without pain
  • Stools are tarry and maroon in color
  • Irritation and the need to strain while passing stool
  • Swollen hemorrhoids pushing through the anal opening accompanied with pain
  • Itching, pain or discomfort around and within the anus
  • Slimy discharge (mucus) from the anus
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MAVEN MEDICAL CENTER – First Daycare Laser Center in Both Telugu States.

MAVEN MEDICAL CENTER, which is an advanced daycare center, located in the heart of the city of Hyderabad and run by a dedicated team of qualified specialist doctors.

We feel honored to share the fact that we are the first daycare center in the erstwhile combined state of Andhra Pradesh to start Endovascular Laser treatment for varicose veins way back in 2011 and also Laser assisted proctology and other daycare  interventional radiology procedures like AV fistuloplasty, Fallopian tube recanalization, Percutaneous nephrostomy etc.  We are also the first center in whole of the country to introduce the ECO 100E2 Microwave Ablation Machine, which can be used for  Microwave Ablation of Varicose Veins ,Tumor Ablation of Thyroid, Breast, Liver, Lung, Kidney and bone etc. We have also introduced Allengers Digiscan Flat panel C- Arm in south India .At present, we are the only center with a complete gamut of lasers machines including Venacure 1470 laser, Lasotronix 1470 laser, Covidien RFA and Eco microwave ablation machines.

The main motto of our center is care, concern and commitment to our patients along with the latest methodology of laser treatments. Our facility is recognized as training center and also center of excellence in both Laser Treatment of Varicose Veins and Laser assisted Proctology and day care interventional radiology procedure. We conduct regular workshops in Proctology and Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of varicose veins with doctors from different parts of the country participating in our training programs.

As a center of excellence, Maven Medical Center provides expert care in a safe, clean, comfortable and friendly environment to our patients. We are strongly committed towards quality and high standards of treatment in our state of art center with excellence of eminent consultants. Our primary focus is to deliver exceptional care that exceeds national standards in quality, safety and patient satisfaction. Every day, we strive to be better than yesterday in delivering the best healthcare services. It is our team of doctors, nurses and other staff who blend compassion with the marvel of technology to make a real difference in the lives of our patients.

Maven Medical Center

Road No 2, Opp: New Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. [email protected] |

Call: +91 8121 800 400, +91 8121 200 400

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