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Constipation Treatment

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Constipation Treatmen

Constipation Treatment

Healthy GUT is the secret of healthy mind and healthy body.

CONSTIPATION is the root cause of all anorectal diseases like piles, anal fissures & anal fistulas.

Chronic constipation is a symptom due to sedentary lifestyles, slow transit of colon or pelvic floor disorder which unfortunately remains neglected at most of the GI centres and by proctologists while dealing with their patients for anorectal problems.

In assessment of Constipation, first the mechanical and obstructive causes needs to be ruled out then evaluate for Colonic inertia & Evacuatory disorders like rectocele, rectal prolapse/solitary rectal ulcer syndrome, anismus and intersphincteric myopathy.

The evaluation for Constipation problems includes detailed history with constipation scoring system, proper physical examination including per rectal examination to check for co existing Haemorrhoids (piles), Anal fissures or Fistula in ano and relevant investigations like Colonoscopy, Colonic transit time studies, Defecography, Anal manometry or Pelvic floor electromyography etc.

We have a team of trained specialists to evaluate the causes of constipation and advise proper scientific method for treating it using available medical & surgical modalities like COLON Wash, Biofeedback Therapy and STARR operation (Stapled Transanal Rectal Resection) indicated for Obstructed Defecation Syndrome (ODS).

We are also specialized in treating anorectal surgical disease like piles, fissure, fistula at our daycare centre using modern technique like Laser, DG-HAL/RAR, FIXcision, IRC etc.

Kindly make your appointments at MAVEN MEDICAL CENTRE for CONSTIPATION TREATMENT